Dry Winter Skin? It’s Roses to the Rescue!

Don’t you just love winter? Roaring fires, endless cups of hot cocoa, and Saturday snowball fights? Oh, and, of course, skin as dry as the desert! Keep in mind that your face is the most exposed part of your body. Parched, itchy winter skin sweeps in like the plague every year and every year is a battle to stave it off.

Thankfully, this winter has ushered in a new soldier; the Roses Are Red body oils from Nilanjo! Boutique. Infused with real roses, this luxurious oil can be used on both the face and body and is a blend of vegetable glycerin, rose, sweet almond, camellia seed, vitamin E, apricot kernel, and jojoba oils, all designed to deeply penetrate to moisturize, soothe, and soften tight, chapped skin, all day. Try it today - Roses Are Red - Rose Infused Moisturizing Oil

Creator Nika Hollingsworth says, “I chose rose oil as the base for my oils because it has so many benefits and works with almost every skin type. It has both antifungal and antimicrobial properties, as well as a variety of vitamins such as A, C, D and E, which all help to protect and repair skin, minimize lines and wrinkles, and even acts as an astringent to help minimize acne and inflammation, tightening pores for a clearer and brighter appearance. It also enhances the rest of your skin routine by prepping and priming the skin, allowing other products to last longer.”

Other products which are flying off the shelves at a record pace are Sage & Rose bath and foot soak, which is infused with Epsom Salt, Rosehip, Vitamin E Oil, Clary Sage, Coconut Oil and Sweet Almond Oil - and Dried Roses. Feel the tension of the day seep from your bones as you revel in the sensuous sensory experience of essential oils, all designed to promote healthy sleep and relaxation, and reduce feelings of anxiety. 

Also Available in  Lavender & Eucalyptus, and Chamomile Vanilla. Try them all - Aromatherapy Bath Salts 

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