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This is another exceptional Queen, who has amazing, authentic and the fragrances of Lavender Vanilla. And the Lavender Vanilla will have your senses on point. Loved receiving mail today!

A. King

I received my candles and they smell AMAZING AND THAT SAGE .... its wrapped so beautifully I didn't even want to open it.. thank you!

C. Davis

Thank you Queen, I love my accessories, shipped fast and they were packaged so well. Thank you again. I love shopping at


I received my order today. I love how you decorated the box, everything was so nicely packaged. I also love the Lip Play , scents of my candles and the fragrance oil you added extra to the box as a thank you gift along with a personalized thank you note... 

J. Smith

Thank you for this lovely piece of jewelry! I saw this during your virtual fashion show and had to have it!

K. Steward

So I purchased this great black coffee scrub and it was packaged so nicely AS ALWAYS!! And she even threw in a small travel fragrance stick and a cute little pink rose!

O. Paulette

I'm a shopaholic especially at Nilanjo! Boutique. I love candles and smell goods! I'm obsessed with the Nilanjo Trinity Butter; it keeps my skin so moisturized and smells amazing!! I use it daily Everything always comes so nicely packaged that I don't even want to open it....

A. Jackson

Thanks for allowing me to pick up the sunglasses. I got them to my friend and she loved them. She said the packaging was beautiful as well! Thanks!

T. Taylor

Just the decoration of your product makes me happy. 1 Love Nika.

A. Steward