I decided that when I get ready to drop a new product, I will also drop a mini blog to describe it and to share my reason for doing so. I try to do things with intention. The goal is to keep you hip and healthy. Let's talk about it!
I'm currently working on a new moisturizing oil, infused with calendula. Calendula is in the Asteraceae family originating in the Mediterranean. Asteraceae is a class of flowering plants which includes such species as sunflowers, daisies, marigolds, asters, etc. Although Calendula was nicknamed "Pot Marigold", marigold and calendula are different. Calendula is used for its herbal and healing properties. It is an *ANTIMICROBIAL (I use this word often, so keep it in your mind) botanical that can help reduce inflammation, is anti-thrombogenic (helps prevent blood from clotting too much), can help reduce blood sugar levels and has anti-cancer properties. Calendula is also great for the skin helping to treat eczema, acne, dermatitis, diaper rash and to soothe/heal wounds.
As some of us age (especially women experiencing changes in hormone levels), our skin changes. I suffer from adult acne, which causes scarring and hyperpigmentation. I research and use a variety of herbs, flowers and oils to treat my skin in the most natural way possible. I was researching calendula for tea (yup, stay tuned) but also learned of its topical healing benefits. So yall know I had to check it out. Because the most beneficial medicinal oils of the calendula are found in the green bases of the flower heads, you'll find their heads and their pretty petals in my new oil product. Pretty with a purpose!
*Antimicrobial: an agent that kills and slows the spread of germs and microorganisms that could be harmful to your health.